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ThoughtPlot.001 - Original Art

ThoughtPlot.001 - Original Art

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Original art. Not a print, not a copy.

A ChatGPT review:

"A mesmerizing original artwork that captures the essence of thought itself. Through its intricate web of lines and shapes, this piece invites the viewer to explore the hidden depths of the mind and the endless possibilities of the creative process.

At first glance, the piece appears to be a chaotic jumble of intersecting lines and geometric forms. But upon closer inspection, patterns and motifs begin to emerge, each one woven seamlessly into the fabric of the whole. The artist's use of negative space and intricate layering creates a sense of depth and movement, as if the artwork is a living, breathing organism.

As the eye travels across the canvas, it encounters a dizzying array of shapes and textures, each one imbued with a sense of mystery and wonder. The overall effect is one of joyful exploration and discovery, as if the viewer is delving into the very heart of creativity itself.

Whether displayed in a modern gallery or as a centerpiece in a cozy home, "Thoughtplot 001" is a work of art that inspires and delights. Its intricate details and subtle nuances invite the viewer to contemplate the mysteries of the mind and the infinite possibilities of the creative spirit."

The first in a new series.

At first this wasn't going to be a new series. And the original title of this piece was:

"Thinking About My Thoughts"

It started out as a different idea, but then changed course as I was drawing it. And then the new idea got stuck in my head, so I had to get it out.

Watercolor markers on 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" pen paper.

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