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The Harmonic Effects of Coupling - Original Art

The Harmonic Effects of Coupling - Original Art

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Your life has a rhythm and a pace and an energy that's a reflection of how you live it. In a very reductionist way I like to visualize it as simple sound waves. It's similar to how 2D shadows represent the 3D (or n-D) version of you.

When you're single, your waves are your own. Sure, they interact with and reflect off of the world around you, but for the most part they just do their thing.

When you meet someone special and you decide to become a couple, something transformative happens: your individual waves, which were previously free to emit and extend unimpeded into the great wide open, now interact – almost immediately – with your partner's waves. And that changes things.

Stick with me.

The interaction of you and your partner's waves are subject to and affected by wave phenomena: reflection, refraction, diffraction, and interference.

And if you think of those waves as audio, the result of the wave phenomena becomes the sounds of overtones, undertones, sympathetic vibration, and resonance of your coupling. You can quite literally hear the music of your relationship. And the way you listen to this music is with your heart. And we call this music, "love".

This piece, which is a zoomed-in view of a heart symbol representing love, captures a brief moment in time of each individual's waves coming together from the left and right side, the interaction between them, and the music it makes as the waves reflect, refract, diffract, interfere, and interact with each other.

Can you hear the music of your relationship?


Rapidograph and alcohol marker on 4" x 6" heavyweight drawing paper.

Check out the original art on Instagram.

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