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Signo Mitsubishi UNI Uni-ball Pen Stand - 3D Model

Signo Mitsubishi UNI Uni-ball Pen Stand - 3D Model

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This product is a downloadable 3D model, not a physical product.

I needed a stand for my Signo Mitsubishi UNI Uni-ball Gel Ink Pen (0.38 mm) set, so I designed one. 

The top and base print without supports. The struts have minimal and easy-to-remove supports. 

The tolerance for the press-fit struts is a very tight: .1mm. On my printer I had to trim just a bit on one strut stub, but otherwise the fit worked well. To make it easier to insert the stubs into the notches I chamfered their edges using a hobby knife. I added a few drops of CA after assembly just to ensure it stays together but you probably don't even need it.

If I get around to it the next revision might have actual snap-fit struts. We'll see.

I like my pen stands to have very little “slop”; the tight tolerance means you'll need to pull the pen straight up and out of the organizer. If that's not your thing, re-mix it. : )

NOTE: Pens NOT included

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