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Regenerize.001 - Original Art

Regenerize.001 - Original Art

First in the series.

Hand-drawn, original art. Not a print. Not a copy. Not AI.

This is a small piece that's not my usual thing, but it has significance.

I've been struggling, creatively, for at least the last year and a half, but maybe even the last two. I've felt inspirationally stuck and wholly unmotivated to sit at my drawing table. When I approach my chair, it feels like I need to create art that's "me", but I haven't been feeling like myself; the two feelings constructed a negative feedback loop.

I tend to be a piler. I make piles of things on my art table while I'm working, and that works until one day it doesn't, and then I have to stop what I'm doing and clean the pile… immediately. I have piles of washed, but unfolded clothes sitting in laundry baskets until something tips the scale and motivates me to stop what I'm doing and fold them. All of them.

And while I am constantly working on myself, I also tend pile emotions and feelings. I'll stack them one on top of another, feeling the weight of it all, until one day, I need to "clean" the pile. And that's what this piece is.

In this case, cleaning means deciding to create something that wasn't "me". Doing so untethered me from the anchor of what I perceive is art I create, released me from any responsibility of its outcome, and dissolved the inevitable judgement of the resulting piece against whether or not it met the standard of "me".

And in doing so, I was free to just create.

And it helped.


Watercolor paint, alcohol marker, watercolor marker, gel pen and rapidograph on 4" x 4" heavyweight paper.

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