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Public Bathroom Stall Bag Hook - 3D Model

Public Bathroom Stall Bag Hook - 3D Model

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This is a downloadable 3D model and not a physical product

When I travel, I typically use a backpack and a soft duffel (like Patagonia's ‘Black Hole’ bags). During my travel, I'll inevitably have to use a restroom. And when I do, the last thing I want to do is put my bags on the floor of an airport bathroom stall.

Sometimes the bathroom stall has a hook, sometimes there's no hook. If there is a hook, it might be the straight kind which works well for jackets, but isn't as great for a soft bag stuffed to its max capacity. Or, more commonly, there's a hook, but it's in a state of impending failure measured in minutes or hours, not weeks or months.

So I designed a simple travel hook I can throw in (or hang off of) my bag, and use to hang both of my bags on while I use the restroom. The hook sits on the top of the door or a wall, has two hooks, and a multiple-use loop. I tried to make it as small as possible while still retaining the strength to hold max-capacity packed bags. The door hook is designed to fit known stall door widths, which (apparently) can range from .5" to 1.25". This hook is not designed for door in your home. If you need or want that, feel free to remix my design.

I carry the 0.75" wide version, but if you're concerned about strength, or want to support heavier bags, grab the 1.0" wide version. Or remix it to be even wider. I printed my 0.75" hook in PC for ultimate strength. I tested the .75" PC version with 40lbs on a single hook and it didn't break a sweat. I've tested a 1" version in PETG with the same weight, no problem. If you don't have PC on hand, I don't recommend PLA, but PETG, ABS, or any of the stronger filaments could work. Please test it with your bags before you need it in a stall. :-)

The load stress simulation shows what it looks like for the 0.75" version when 100 lbs. of force is applied at a 45º angle to the bag hooks (in aggregate) and an upward 100 lbs. of force is applied to the door hook.

UPDATE: Added an “easy-print” version that removes all design-y features, making this model super-easy to print with no supports.

Version History

2023-10-03: First release (v7)

2023-10-03: v7.01 – Re-added fillets to hooks from earlier models.

2024-01-25: v7.02 - Added an “Easy-Print” version that prints cleanly with zero supports in just over an hour.

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