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I had an idea for a paint brush but with pencil lead instead of bristles so I can “paint” with pencil lead.

I wasn't trying to paint with the pencil lead as paint; I wanted to draw the pencil lines with the fluidity of a brush while maintaining the actual lines. I tried taping pencils together, but the lines were too far apart. Then I tried taping the individual leads together, but it was cumbersome and difficult to manage.

So I decided to build what I wanted. And here it is: my PencilBrush.

The lead is held in place by a 3D-printed tray to ensure it stays organized and has some cushioning when the cap is tightened down. The tray also makes it easy to adjust the lead up or down or remove some to create different patterns. 

I'm now doing my own 3D-printing, so I'm experimenting with different tray designs, materials, and colors. The one that comes with your PencilBrush may be different from the photo. If it's different, it's because it's better.

I make the PencilBrush from wood, by hand, one-at-a-time, and when I have the available time. I'm not taking backorders or reserve orders. Bookmark this page to see when new PencilBrushes are available. I'll try to announce newly available brushes on my mailing listPlease be patient with me. :-)

Comes in a handmade box with the PencilBrush, two lead trays, and a lead sharpener. An initial set of 23 HB pencil leads (actually graphite) is also included. The PencilBrush is compatible with any 2mm pencil graphite, so you can use your preferred lead and/or hardness rating. There are no options (yet) to customize the brush options.

Update: If you're still reading…

While I'm iterating on the PencilBrush's design, I've decided to randomly GIVE THEM AWAY.

There's no contest or giveaway you can enter or participate in to win. At my sole discretion, I'm selecting people who follow me on Instagram – @matthewjschultz – and are artists. And by artist I mean that your Instagram profile is full, from bottom to top, with the art you create. You create because you can't not create. (Double-negative intended.) You explore and evolve and grow and stretch and discover. There’s something unique and different and special about your art… to me.

If you follow me and if I see something singular about your art, I'll contact you via IG DM for where to send a PencilBrush.

Be on the lookout.