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MJS.ART Drawing Stencil Kit #7 - 3D Model

MJS.ART Drawing Stencil Kit #7 - 3D Model

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This is a downloadable 3D model for Drawing Stencil Kit #7 (DSK7) and not a physical product. I don't offer this product for sale… yet.

‘Drawing Stencil Kit #7’. DSK7 comes with three stencils: 15º, 30º, 45º trapezoids starting at .0625" (1/16"), incrementing .03125" (1/32") up to .5" (1/2").

I designed my stencils with an asymmetrical top and bottom:

  • The smooth “top” side of the stencil lays the shape flat against the paper. This is probably the side most people will use. Note that my logo is mirrored when the stencil is used this way
  • The rough “bottom” side of the stencil has an undersized 1/32" tier to lift the edge of the shape off of the paper while drawing. I designed this with my favorite  isograph and rapidograph pens in mind. This is the way.

My innovative tiered design prevents the pen tip from contacting the edge of the stencil and the paper simultaneously which can result in a capillary action that causes ink blotches.

Another innovation comes from 3D printing the stencils with the top side facing down. This results in the bottom side having a bit of texture that provides a tiny bit of grip (when compared to the smooth top side) on the paper.

I designed this for me and my use, but I'm interested in your experience, too. I'm constantly revising my designs as I work with my tools, so stay tuned for any updates/revisions, and I'll be sure to add some kind of version log in this description.

© Matthew J. Schultz - All stencils and their designs are copyright Matthew J. Schultz - All Rights Reserved

Revision History:

v1 - 2023-10-31: Initial Release

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