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Flowers Reframed - Original

Flowers Reframed - Original

Flowers v0.01⁣

“If you hit a wrong note, the next note determines if it’s good or bad.”⁣
~ Miles Davis⁣

I found this piece of art on my drawing table buried under a bunch of other pieces.⁣

It’s one of the originals from my first art show; I wanted to use the frame for another piece, and this piece must’ve gotten buried in the chaos that is my drawing table.⁣

I created a new frame for it. And because I don’t like to waste wood, I “fixed” a backing plate that I had previously and carelessly messed up in my wood shop.⁣

The new frame and black mat look even better than the original frame.⁣

Because I repurposed wood for this piece, it's available at a discounted price (compared to the normal price for one of my handmade unibody framed pieces).

I’m planning on more framed flower pieces in the future, but this is one of my first, if not my first, flower piece.

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