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Emgraph.2.005 - Original Art

Emgraph.2.005 - Original Art


2023. Original hand-drawn art. Not a print, not a copy.

I'm not a fan of sharing what a particular piece means to me as it influences and maybe even prejudices how you see it, what it makes you feel, how you connect with it, and what it means to you.

I will share that I often think about my emotions and feelings as colors… or lack of them. When I know exactly how I feel about something, the colors are solid and clear and distinct. When I experience a lack of emotion or feeling, the colors are muted or faded or completely absent. 

And then sometimes, when I don’t (yet) know how I feel or think about something, it’s like a tidal wave of every emotion and every color, all at once.

Hand-drawn gel pen on 6" x 6" heavyweight drawing paper.

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