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Creative Stencil Series - 10 × 10 0.25" Squares - 3D Model

Creative Stencil Series - 10 × 10 0.25" Squares - 3D Model

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This is a downloadable 3D modelnot a physical product.

As part of my artistic process (drawing, woodworking, etc.) I design, create, and 3D-print my own art stencils.

Based on the stencils I use in my social media videos, this stencil is part of a new line called my "Creative Stencils Series". These stencils are defined by their specifications and design. A stencil’s design is determined by its:

  • Dimensions
  • Design Width
  • Square size
  • Space size
  • Square to space ratio (STS)

AN STS of 1:1 means the squares and spaces are exactly the same size. Any other ratio determines The size difference between a square and a space. Divide the square size by the consequent (ratio's right side) to get the space size.


Template Material: PLA
Template Dimensions: 5" x 5"
Template Thickness: 0.0625"
Design Width 4"
Design Grid: 10 x 10
Total Squares: 100
Square Size: 0.25"
Space Size: 0.16667"
STS ratio: 1:1.49997


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