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MJS.ART Creative Stencil Series - 10 × 10 0.25" Squares - Drawing Stencil

MJS.ART Creative Stencil Series - 10 × 10 0.25" Squares - Drawing Stencil

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As part of my artistic process (drawing, woodworking, etc.) I design, create, and 3D-print my own art stencils.

Based on the stencils I use in my social media videos, this stencil is part of a new line called my "Creative Stencils Series". These stencils are defined by their specifications and design. A stencil’s design is determined by its:

  • Dimensions
  • Design Width
  • Square size
  • Space size
  • Square to space ratio (STS)

AN STS of 1:1 means the squares and spaces are exactly the same size. Any other ratio determines The size difference between a square and a space. Divide the square size by the consequent (ratio's right side) to get the space size.


Template Material: PLA
Template Dimensions: 5" x 5"
Template Thickness: 0.0625"
Design Width 4"
Design Grid: 10 x 10
Total Squares: 100
Square Size: 0.25"
Space Size: 0.16667"
STS ratio: 1:1.49997


MJS.ART 3D printed stencils are not guaranteed to be dimensionally accurate in shape or in size. This works for me and my art, but might not work for you.

Check out my 3D printing FAQ for more information.


3D Print Your Own Stencils!

Do you own or have access to a 3D printer and want to print your own versions of my stencils? Well… YOU CAN!

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