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Coming Apart at the Seams - Original Art

Coming Apart at the Seams - Original Art

We’ve all experienced it.

The perceptible sensation of your heart’s individual muscle fibers being torn apart from each other one by one by a breakup with someone you deeply love.

A friendship that you’ve relied on forever that feels like it’s about to end.

Bills that flow in like a tsunami flooding your home via postal mail, email, TXT, and calls, with no possible way of paying any of them.

Medical test results you've been waiting on for weeks that aren't going in the direction you had been hoping for and counting on.

There are infinite scenarios that bring a feeling of helplessness and powerlessness while you experience your very being coming apart at the seams. For me, the violent nature of this action releases vast amounts of energy, causing brief bursts of light to be emitted at the exact moment each stitch bursts.

I represent those zeptoseconds of light flashes with the spectrum of color hidden inside the drawing and only visible when you're holding it up close to you.

Rapidograph and alcohol markers on 4" x 6" heavyweight drawing paper.

Check out the original art on Instagram.

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