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Braun Travel Alarm Clock Case - 3D Model

Braun Travel Alarm Clock Case - 3D Model

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This is a downloadable 3D model, not a physical product.

I travel with a Braun (model BC08B) travel alarm clock as a backup to my phone. (How this came about is a different story.) 

It's a great little clock BUT the “light/snooze” button activates even if you just look at it. Seriously. Just throwing it in your bag must result in the light being on the entire time you're traveling. Seems like a design flaw from a usually design-focused company.

So I designed this downloadable snap-fit case 3D model that prevents the “light/snooze” button from being activated. And I threw in storage for two spare AAA batteries.

I used Atomic Filament Clear PLA for mine to validate that the light isn't activated when the case is closed. The cover is symmetrical so it goes on either way, and the case snap-fits to prevent it from opening during travel, but is easy-to-open.

Prints without supports.

* Clock and batteries not included ;-)

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