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MJS.ART Dot Grid Isometric .25" - Drawing Stencil

MJS.ART Dot Grid Isometric .25" - Drawing Stencil

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As part of my artistic process, I create a lot of custom drawing stencils. I design them for my use, but I've received a lot of interest, so I'm making some of them available to buy.

I like dot grids but I want to be able to erase any visible/unused dot from the final artwork, so I created this isometric dot grid stencil.

The stencil is 4" x 6" x 0.03125" because I do a lot of drawings at this size and my 3D printer has a small build plate.

It's named .25" because the dots in each row are spaced at that distance along the x-axis. As it turns out it's technically a .14438" hexagon pattern as the measure is based on the shape's side. Live and learn. I'm sticking with my naming convention because that's how I visually think about it.

The dot holes are approximately 0.0546875" in diameter and are designed to fit technical pencil tips. I use and recommend Pentel P200 series pencils like the P203 .3mm and P205 .5mm.

The “top” is the smooth side though you can use it either way based on which feels better to you when you use it. With the smooth side up, the rough 3D-printed surface tends to grip the paper.

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MJS.ART 3D printed stencils are not guaranteed to be dimensionally accurate in shape or in size.

These stencils are the exact same stencils you see me use in my social media videos. I 3D-print them myself on my 3D printer. There are many types of 3D printers; mine is a "Fused Deposition Modeling" (FDM or FFF) 3D printer. An FDM printers heats and melts thermoplastic, extrudes it through a nozzle, and deposits it on a plate layer-by-layer, fusing them together to form a 3D object.

FDM printed objects have an inherent quality that differs from other types of manufacturing like injection molding, laser cutting, die cutting, and other 3D printing techniques. FDM objects have visible layer and pattern lines. They're not as smooth, or polished, or "professional" looking as commercially-available items. Check out the zoomed in photos for more detail.

These stencils work perfectly for me and my art, but it might not work for you and your art.

If you prefer commercially produced products or if your use requires stencils that are dimensionally accurate to a standard (e.g., within a tolerance of 0.01", etc.), then these stencils probably aren't for you. And that's okay. 

IMHO, they're great for abstract art. ;-)


3D Print Your Own Stencils!

Do you own or have access to a 3D printer and want to print your own versions of my stencils? Well… YOU CAN!


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