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rOtring Isograph Ink Well Funnel - 3D Model

rOtring Isograph Ink Well Funnel - 3D Model

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This is a downloadable 3D model, not a physical product.

I use rOtring Isograph technical drawing pen ink and wanted a funnel to make filling the ink wells easier.

Instead of just a regular funnel, this one holds the well securely and is self-standing on a flat surface or you can hold it in your hand. The funnel includes a vent so air can escape the well as you fill it with ink. I've included a side view to highlight the design.
Prints with minimal organic supports that pop off easily and cleanly.

Visit to download this 3D model.

Note: if you click on the link to buy the ink I make a small amount of money via Amazon's affiliate program.

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