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The Forgotten Forest of Felled Hopes and Dreams - Original

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[Your story of forgotten hopes and dreams goes here]

Everyone has forgotten hopes and dreams that have been felled. Sometimes it's sad, sometimes it's tragic, but sometimes… just sometimes… it's okay. The thing you wanted really wasn't what you needed. You get to write your own story about it.

Original artwork. Not a print. Not a copy.

Rapidograph and markers on 5" x 7" heavyweight drawing paper.

Check out the original art on Instagram.

This piece comes in my 5 3/8" x 7 3/8" monobloc handmade wood frame, in black stained pine. Includes a handmade gift box, certificate of authenticity, care guide, and my personal artist sticker which is only available as a gift when you buy my original art.


  • To help understand the size of the art before you buy it, please download and print an MJS.ART Printable Size Guide

  • Please pay close attention to the pictures of the framed art. It will come to you as pictured. That means any dings, dents, imperfections, etc., you see in the picture are a part of the frame; the frame is as you see it.

If you're interested in buying this piece and want additional information or pictures, just let me know.